How do you gain a perspective on logistics when daily business is so hectic? One way is to read this book from Ramesh Kumar. He has made the innovative step of putting himself at the 'coal face' of logistics and he gives us all a view we cannot easily achieve for ourselves. In his book, 10,000 KMs on the Indian Highway, he worked and lived the life of the Indian truck driver and no-one who read it can fail to understand better the lives of these men and boys.

In this new book, Naked Banana, Ramesh is highlighting even more aspects of logistics life which are uncomfortable, humorous, challenging, scandalous and sometimes uplifting. Many of the points are common to the logistics sector the world over, only the local flavour changes. To mention just three, capacity is never in balance, prices are always too low (if you are a carrier) and too high (if you are a shipper) and many barriers to efficiency and communication remain stubbornly in place.

Ramesh is putting the question to the whole industry: 'Can we do better?' In my view, the answer is: 'Yes we can' and frankly, 'Yes we must'. There are great drivers for change in our sector which can be summed up as 'better, faster, cheaper'. In my view, making this change happen depends on leadership and vision for which the following four cornerstones are essential - education, standards, communication and innovation. Certainly these are values that Vehnet is committed to providing in the form of software and services and indeed our support for Ramesh' book is a tangible way for Vehnet to demonstrate our practical commitment to better logistics.

As you will discover later in this book, Vehnet is especially focused on automotive logistics. All logistics is challenging and automotive is no exception. With it's long supply chains, complex material lists and high value end product the automotive scene becomes even more complex. Add to this, the need for synchronized supplies to plant and at the consumer end the passion and expectations of the new driver then the pressure on automotive logistics to perform better is high and constant. Vehnet is fully focussed on being part of an even better sector.

Finally, my warmest thanks to Ramesh for highlighting why we must to continue to improve and why, to refer to the title of his book, we must peel our own bananas!